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Kantipur Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd is dynamic team owned veterinary pharmaceutical company active all over Nepal. KPL is highly dedicated to research, production and planned marketing of veterinary allopathic medicines, animal nutrition, animal feed additives, Phyto feed additives and animal health products in accordance with GMP compliances. Over 2 decade we have grown as Veterinary Medicine Distributor in Nepal. In 2018 we have established Kantipur Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd at Panchkal of Karve district, Nepal. We provide an extensive range of best quality animal feed supplement and medicines. ..
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Poultry farming is the process of keeping or domesticating birds and animals for meat,egg or other items.It is regarded as one of the important occupations in Nepal.It also plays a great role in developing the agriculture system as poultry farm is related to agriculture. Poultry Production is carried all around Nepal.However production may very within the agro-ecological ones and also within the poltically seperated geographical areas. Currently there are 5 hatcheries in government sector and ...
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Dr Sunil Sapkota
Posted by admin
It's a great opportunity to join KPL as a Product Development Officer. It's opportunity with...
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